Shukra Pharmaceuticals is an ambitious organisation with a deep rooted focus on sustainability with our impressive range of solutions. We are committed to deliver excellence across National & Global markets. Shukra Pharmaceuticals is a public limited organisation with globally acclaimed manufacturing facilities.

We are strongly committed to our values that guide us - The Shukra Group in serving the needs of our stakeholders including customers, suppliers, employees and other interest groups by large.

Shukra stands for uncompromising quality and efficiency to deliver proven solutions delivered by passionate and motivated team of individuals.

We boast fully integrated structure for manufacturing general formulations like Tablet, Capsules and small volume parenteral since 2017. We aim to go beyond developing products and provide complete solutions, in fact we harness science and technology to develop products for healthy and safe living.

Along with internationally accredited facilities we invest in people. We encourage them to challenge their limits and create an environment that fosters quality and success in the organisation. Our core competency are fully integrated facilities and stringent quality standards.

Shukra truly understands the fact earth’s ecosystem is fragile and environmental to the continued well being of the planet. We have carefully designed our processes to ensure there is a minimal impact on natural resources and pollution is under permissible norms.