Quality Policy
Quality Policy

As a company founded by researchers, we recognize the inextricable connection between the quality of tools and practices and the success of research. All our services are delivered according to strict ICH/cGMP/ GLP guidelines and are accompanied with certificates of analysis. Complementing to our full commitment to quality, we allocate uncompromised resources to innovate best practices and tools that fosters the drug development.

At SHUKRA LABORATORIES we are committed to Quality and timely deliverance of the assignments undertaken by us. We work in close co-ordination with our customers to accomplish the assignments.

All studies are performed after the protocols are approved by our customers. Customers have option to either follow protocols available with SHUKRA LABORATORIES or provide us the protocols of their own. Work is carried out as per ICH and the cGMP guidelines.

We can efficiently carry out all the studies needed for the validation of your processes for Tablets, Hard gelatine capsules, liquid orals, liquid injectable’s in vials and lyophilized vials, stability and analytical testing. Hence, you can rely on our experts and their extensive state-of-the-art methods for all aspects of your development program.



Shukra Laboratories supports regulatory authorities in mandatory certification of food products.

Laboratory facilities

✓ Segregated lab areas for different testing processes.

✓ Safety hoods and fume hoods are provided

✓ Refrigerators & Deep freezers support sample custody before, during and after

✓ Analysis

✓ Laboratory employs standard methods / duly validated test procedures.

Special offerings

✓ Microbiology

✓ Stability studies can be conducted at normal and accelerated conditions at various temperature and humidity conditions.

✓ Quality testing and analyses of product as per country's specific standards/international standards /contractual specifications

✓ Microbiological evaluation of raw material and finish products


Technologies deployed



✓ All equipment’s are networked for Data integrity to comply 21 CFR guidelines.